"You gotta treat white people like s*** " . . . . the American Race War has begun . . . . WAS THAT THE PLAN?

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Senior Member
Sep 12, 2021

As predicted a few years ago, racial warfare is breaking out in America.

But the antagonists are not white . . . . they're black.

Since Obama's eight-year reign, blacks have become more and more aggressive towards whites.

The start of the 1619 PROJECT in 2019 saw the situation grow worse.

This past week, a black guy on TikTok openly called white people devils, parasites and mosquitos.

I could go on and on but even the dumbest, most progressive so-called "MAGA" person in this forum should be able to see that things are getting very dangerous for whites under Pedo Biden.

The Socialists must destroy the white Christian foundation of this nation, even if it takes a bloody race war to do it.


Do the Democrats/Socialists want a race war in America so they can unleash federal law enforcement and military against American white Christians?

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