Why is John Brennan untouched?

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Active Member
Aug 29, 2021
John Brennan was station chief (CIA) in Riyadh when Khobar Towers 1996 bombed killing 19 US Service members . Iran was found liable in several Subsequent lawsuits w Louis Freeh led investigations.
Brennan had position under Bush 43 and was ultimately elevated under Obama where anti Israel sentiment prevailed in US Foreign Policy. Given Brennan had deep Middle East ties early in his professional life never seemed to be held to answer
Questions about Khobar and his friendliness w Ahmed S who recruited its bombers and was Hezbollah tied, obvious questions arose.
Subversion of US started with agencies who guard intelligence and enforce law top down and same targets now locally w law enforcement defunding and subversion of prosecutors and possibly the judiciary in scattered venues.. The elephant in the room is that anti American deep staters have been running our intelligence agencies for decades and trickle Down following same pattern locally is in play.
The Trump Intermission shed some light on things, but the takedown of these traitors like Brennan and probably Comey Inc Wray with Garland and Biden easily manipulated now, may be impossible now.
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Mar 1, 2021
teflon depends on what files you have. Obviously his dead man switch is more feared than understood.
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