Who prints ballots one at a time?

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Aug 29, 2021
Having worked as a poll worker I can say from experience that we only will print a ballot for provisional use.
The ballots are all printed and ready to go as folks come in.
They are then completed by hand by the voter then placed in a secure labeled receptacle for delivery to wherever the counting will be.
I have used various printers and it is a very slow process .
If I understand correctly the machines had to print out a ballot when people voted electronicaly?
No wonder it was so slow and if the printers didn’t work or if the ballot had to be slid into the printer and the ballots were improperly sized to fit in that is deliberate . It not only slowed everything down but purposely drove potential voters away when the wait time was ridiculously long.
This has to be deliberate.


Oct 8, 2021
In FLA we had preprinted ballots that were numbered & we kept stubs with those numbers. The ballots were then put into a machine that tabulated them. At the end of the day we pulled the ballots in a secured container from the machine, the number of ballots was compared to the numbered issued, spoiled & cured. No hanky-panky there! Results came quickly after that! Thanks to Ron Desantis!
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