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Prayer is Power

Well-known Member
Sep 23, 2021
South Carolina
As many of you know, there’s so much more to the “COVID narrative” than meets the eye. With the media twisting and distorting the truth, spreading gross misinformation and false data, and censoring voices of reason and transparency, it’s no wonder our heads are spinning.
Many of these voices, including medical experts, scientists, researchers, and advocates are coming together for an online event that you don’t want to miss. They’ll be exposing the world to the truth about the extreme measures that have been thrust upon us in the name of “public safety.” The same expert filmmakers who created the Endgame, Money Revealed, Vaccines Revealed, and GMOs Revealed films are now bringing us the new COVID Revealed docu-series.

It starts on November 30th and you won’t want to miss it.

As the filmmakers say, full transparency is the only path forward. Otherwise, we’re looking down the barrel of more mandates, more restrictions, and more drastic measures that violate our constitutional rights.

Join the thousands of others who are seeking the unadulterated truth from experts who are risking so much by speaking out about the buried research and underhanded agendas—which is what’s fostering the real loss of life and health.

In Solidarity,
Stand for Health Freedom

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