Warning Of The Idea Of The Singularity Embraced By Top Researcher At Google

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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Post Homo Sapien is nonsense. Man-Machine combinations will not change the Man portion, only through evolution can it be changed. Yes, evolution is real, but is debatable as to when it started.
Replacing limbs is a good use of technology, and it must stop there.
Man-Machine eugenics is problematic for its purpose. To what end is it for ?

The bottom line is greed. Be it wealth, perceived power, or what have you. It is greed driving this. Greed without sense or God or life.
However, without the political wherewithal to harness technology and break the childish quest to manufacture people, people designed for reasons outside of nature, these technologies will continue on.

A good question is whether it will turn out the way they think it will. Another question is where will the People want technology to stop. Medicines of today keep me alive and many others without creating problems. I live and desire to continue on, but others may want more and more for themselves. Greed and selfish desires are very human and coupled with the opposites of those qualities, eventually a balance will be reached. A balance which may be a toss up.

There are already people whose being is higher than the average who have "seen" this moment for some time. They wait for others to catch up, but the differences between people will always be there. Will there be 'created' equal people for the future ? A future where each is the same as the rest ? What ever the future shall hold, it will still be a human future no matter how much technology is incorporated into the masses. It's too easy to paint a bleak and dark future with this unknown extrapolation into the near future.

However, it's a warning all should take note of and develop rational plans to address this topic much like the current illegal Biden Regime, because we certainly do not want a cyborg Biden ... do we ?
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