War Room Pandemic - Episode 990 (6/1/2021)

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Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening Stephen. I watched the first half of this episode this morning but was unable to stay for the 2nd half of this episode. Now I can.

So we are paying enough interest to China to support their military when they are the country who intends to overtake us; we are paying for our own destruction. How cleaver is the CCP and how dumb are we??? It seems to me that Biden will wrap up the South China Sea in a big yellow bow and say "it's all yours". Because Steve has talked about it for so long, (75% of what I've learned has come from Stephen over the years; not into politics until Stephen) I now understand that navigation of those seas is extremely important to many countries. All of us should be extremely concerned about the current political environment and the amount that we're unknowingly financing.

Love that Jack Posobiec feels the need to keep Antifa and violence in the limelight. Along with BLM they have cause so much destruction, caused so much loss of property, loss of businesses, lost human lives and hardship and pain for our fellow citizens. They certainly are a Marxist movement!
THANK YOU JACK! (Antifabook.com) GET IT!

THANK YOU WAR ROOM! Thanking Steve, Colby Covington, Brigadier General Bill Welch and Jack Posobiec. Great information and a hour well spent, but I'm just commenting on the second half of the hour.
Thank you Stephen for giving me so much knowledge, for helping me understand the world much better, for simply being Stephen. I love you, take care of yourself, may God always shine his light on you and bless you in all ways always.........
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