War Room Pandemic - Episode 987 (5/31/2021)

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Mar 24, 2021
Mega props to Bannon Sr and Jr, Joe Kent and O donnell for a most moving Warroom pair of specials.
Us civilians need to hear from our combat veterans where they see the path forward in the matter of war.
No words to express condolence and gratitude to Kent family on loss of Shannon. Maureen Bannon should be a major player in recovery for our Veterans here at home. She has a unique style along w expertise that is desperately needed for decreasing suicides of our Veterans.
We have had personal Losses from ‘Vietnam and Afghanistan and generations in families who never met due to war Casualties.
No more endless wars -multiple deployments are abusive to our men and women in uniform.
God bless our military families and God deliver us from leaders who would corrupt our military from its history of selfless service to preserve our freedom.
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