War Room Pandemic - Episode 933 (5/8/2021)

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Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening Stephen. Back to watch the 2nd hour of this morning's podcast (933)
Nice to hear from Dr. Yan, it's been a while and she's finally starting to be vindicated by some experts. Thank you Dr. Yan.

The National Pulse has been excellent at investigating all avenues of any situation to the chagrin of many on the left. I'm truly hopeful the light will shine on the 'very ugly side of Dr. Fauci'. He helped finance the Wuhan lab and has been running to every TV network being little Mr. Popular full of contradictory advise in a great wave of deception.

Good evening Matt. I bet in Michigan, half of that huge group of 65 to 80 yrs. are deceased. Thank you for your dedication towards the truth in your state.

I love that comment Dave... like a masseuse trying to read a brain scan. Yep, that's our media! Enjoyed your comments.

THANK YOU WAR ROOM! Thanking Steve, Dave Ramaswamy, Dr. Yan, Raheem, and Matthew Deperno. Lots of discussion this hour.
Thank you Stephen for doing a great job. It's not a easy job to stay on top of constantly coming up with the latest information every single day, takes a lot of reading, watching programs, talking to others, and relying on others. A lot of that goes unnoticed and unappreciated by some because it doesn't show. But it does show Steve in all that you know. You always do your homework and it puts you a cut above. Thank you for all you do. Take care of Stephen, I love you, may you be blessed always in all ways.......

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