War Room Pandemic - Episode 914 (4/30/2021)

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Active Member
Feb 16, 2021
GOOD MORNING WAR ROOM! Good morning Stephen! Just catching up as I haven't had a chance to see yesterday afternoons War Room.
Why do two people talking to each other and both vaccinated have to wear a mask. Are people crazy? Do they understand what they are doing? Are they wearing a mask in the shower now? I think the mask must be effecting their thinking, (cutting off air to their brain🙃) I drove past a man out in his yard working all by himself, not a person in sight anywhere and he was wearing a mask! I have pulled up beside people in their car, all alone, wearing a mask?? Have people really become that compliant?? Have we lost the ability to think??

The government is totally out of control when they start breaking down doors of citizens and bullying and intimidating our citizens! NOT FUNNY AT ALL! We need to find a way to get this under control SOON! We're losing our Constitutional rights or shall I say they're ignoring them! There is not one drop of happiness or positivity coming from the current administration. Surly people realize Biden is putting doom & gloom on everything they do and think? How do people willingly accept any of this??? The government is supposed to represent us, we are not supposed to represent what the government wants! Thank you Stephen for saying it so much better than I possibly could and for constantly putting it out for all to hear.

Actually I'm watching this episode on May 1. Of course the response to the rallies of MTG & Matt are tremendous, they're honest people with the ability to think and represent what we deplorables are about. It is good versus evil and we CHOOSE GOOD! I didn't get the name of the man at the end of your broadcast (Paul?) but I thank him for being so direct.

THANK YOU WAR ROOM! Truly liked this hour and the discussion. Thanking Steve and Raheem.
Thank you Stephen for being you. You voice my thoughts so well and I'm sure many others. A beautiful you! Keep shining your light brightly. Take care of Stephen, I love you, may God bless you and always be with you in all ways...

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