War Room Pandemic - Episode 899 (4/24/2021)

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Active Member
Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening Stephen! Missed part of the last part of the 2nd hour so back to catch what I missed.
Dr. Fauci and cohorts at the Conference when they do not respect the sanctity of life for the Chinese people, for the aborted babies, for those killed off with the CCP Virus, and on and on..... None of them should even be allowed to represent humanity in any way, shape, or form! Like Fauci, that conference is Satan's Seed!

Thank you Steve, for having the War Room Defense Pack available for everyone. So important, it means a great deal to me and I hope everyone takes their D3 & Zinc. If I had understood the importance of being responsible for your own health instead of randomly turning it over to a doctor, I would have started trying to do right by my body much earlier in life. Now I'm just trying to maintain what's left!!! :rolleyes: You can do better! All of you patriots need to know your body talks to you if you take the time to listen. (It will tell you what it likes & what it doesn't, what works & what doesn't) You can go online and look up any medication or treatment recommended (Mayo clinic is one place) and then make a informed decision, but it should be yours. Unless you're so sick the doctor has to direct treatment, you can be responsible for your own health. Just like we have to be responsible for our own actions and pray someday we will have a government that will be responsible for theirs. Steve's working on it.

Glad I caught the rest of the 2nd hour. The discussion between you and Peter. Informative and quite interesting.
Thank you Steve and Dr. Peter Navarro. Great discussion and great broadcast.
Thank you Stephen for being a perfectly beautiful soul, for simply being you. Take care always, I love you, may God always watch over you and bless you in all ways.....

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