War Room Pandemic - Episode 1886 (5/26/2022)

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New Member
Nov 5, 2021
Steve Bannon is on a roll today blaming ALL parents for the heinous actions of their children. It is all on the parent? That is a rather cruel brush he is painting with today. Some parents are doing the very best they can! Working hard to keep a roof over the family and food in the belly. How dare you cast all the blame and responsibility on these parents...we live in a rotted culture, with rotting institutions, with feckless leaders and cowards to protect us. This southerngirl would like to tell Mr Steve Bannon that he is acting like a pompous ass today!


New Member
Feb 9, 2022
Volent men and women usually come from a certain kind of father and mother...like a recipe. There are 3 kinds of mothers. Secure, anxious avoidant and anxious ambivalent. The anxious ambivalent mother with a condemning father creates these violent children, unless it's a head injury.

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