War Room Pandemic - Episode 1854 (5/13/2022)

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Well-known Member
Feb 16, 2021
Good evening, War Room. Good evening, Stephen. Missed you all as my posts have been rather sporadic lately and will probably remain that way but glad to be here this evening.

I always enjoy Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., he's a very smart man. Thank you, Stephanie. I follow the doctor on GETTR' and get Dr. Malone's newsletter on email. If any of you are not subscribed to it, you should go to his website and sign up. Always worth a read. Actually, I think they're stomping the hell out of our Constitution!

Having kept balanced books in my work for years I'm all for accountability in government spending, Actually the different dept. should be audited on a regular basis and the books should be audited for the $40 billion so taxpayers know exactly what every single one of their dollars was spent on. Pelosi was laying it on thick to Zelensky promising a constant flow of "money from we the people". The government has no money of their own. We're footing the bill and we should be kept informed!

A shortage of baby formula when they have it at the border is inexcusable! You would almost think that Biden is either punishing women who chose to have babies OR pushing the idea that they better not have a baby right now due to formula shortages. If you can't kill them in abortion, run an alternate plan! THANK YOU, Katie Britt.

Ben, you look good with a naked lip. It was a bit of a shock but it's quite alright. Quite chipper! Thank you for your insight as always. Thank you, War Room! Thanking Steve, Robert F Kennedy, Jr., Stephanie Locricchio, Dr. Robert Malone, Katie Britt and Bejamin Harnwell. Lots of interesting information to take away from this hour.
Thank you, Stephen for continuing to do the Lord's work and shine your light on the truth, for simply being you. Take care of Stephen K Bannon, always near my heart, God bless and keep you in all ways always...

P.S. SUPPORT MY PILLOW with promocode WARROOM and use that same promocode to buy WARPATH COFFEE. Join GETTR' and I would appreciate it if you look into the "GOD BLESS THE USA BIBLE". A good one to have. Last but not least enjoy your life and 'dance in the rain'...
Thank you! 😊


New Member
Feb 9, 2022
It's a dollar and cents game behind the whole overturn of America and needs to stop. Perhaps we need more leaders to run in Washington who could care less about the global cooperate bucks and laws to back it up.

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