War Room Pandemic - Episode 1844 (5/10/2022)

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New Member
Apr 13, 2021
SB hit the nail on the head when he said without Big Pharma MSNBC would be a test pattern. This is true of all MSM including FOX and News Max including all their local affiliate stations. You will never hear the complete truth about the clot shots from them. They are bought and paid for running dogs for Big Pharma promoting drugs that have little efficacy and major side effects. Read the small print in the ads and listen to the ad copy. It's right in front of you. Modern day snake oil. Look at totally un-vaccinated children compared to vaxed. They are much healthier and look it. Look at the elderly on ten different drugs. MDs are pill pushers. They just treat the symptoms so you keep you coming back to fund their yachts and lifestyle. Ever see a poor MD? Blame Medicare.
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