War Room Pandemic - Episode 1558 (1/13/2022)

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Jan 29, 2021
Portland, Oregon
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Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening, Stephen. Computer working at the moment so taking advantage of it and enjoying your episode and metaphors.

So obviously Joy Reid and other news lefties want to punish the unvaccinated for being responsible for their own health. Her remarks were inaccurate. Thank goodness we have Marjorie Taylor Greene to speak the truth and expose the lies. I agree with her about Fauci. She's absolutely right to call out Fauci. How can we trust science when he's offered no real scientific facts! Side comment: I read all that Adam Kinzinger said about Epps and could hardly believe my eyes! With all the videos out on Epps, does he expect anyone to believe him?

Truly like hearing from Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter Navarro. They affirm my basic thoughts on the subject of the CCP Virus (COVID & Omicron). Fauci and the media are responsible for millions of preventable deaths simply because they would not admit therapeutics given at the onset could cure the problem and pushed a vaccine that has obviously failed. They put out so much false information not based on any provable facts and people around the world have suffered irreparable damage. Truly sinful and evil! They've caused distrust in the media, in the government, in science, in hospitals, sadly in our own medical caregivers and left our citizens totally vulnerable. They do not give a damn about the lives involved!

THANK YOU, WAR ROOM. Thanking Steve, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Dr. Robert Malone, and Dr. Peter Navarro. This has been an excellent hour. Quality guests today.
Thank you, Stephen for bringing us the best in information on today's 1st hour. Well informed guests. So glad I got to see it. Thank you for caring about the content given to your viewers, for being a quality human being and a truly beautiful soul, for simply being you. Take care of yourself, you are always in my heart, may God guide you, watch over you, and bless you always in all ways...

Thank You! :giggle:
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Apr 13, 2021
I'm waiting for Steve Bannon to ask Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA} whether or not the vaccines cause Permanent damage to the immune system by continuous replication of the spike protein. He should know.
I'm also waiting for an apology from Dr. Malone for creating this dangerous gene therapy paid for by our government and for Trump to get off the Vaccine bandwagon and admit his warp speed vaccines (which he pushed) have killed thousands.

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