War Room Pandemic - Episode 1548 (1/8/2022)

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John Realino

Active Member
Jan 27, 2021
Great show everyone, a lot of good information, and a lot of friendship in the War Room ! I hope it gets passed around more than any other I’ve seen!
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Feb 16, 2021
Computer acting up and misbehaving badly. I wanted to watch this episode. I did see the first hour, maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, a new day and I'm back! Everything working okay. GOOD AFTERNOON WAR ROOM! Good afternoon, Stephen.
Thank you, Jack. The hard drive from hell should be published on every site on the internet and on every media outlet. Hunter's actions were criminal and disgusting. Just Biden standing in front of a mic and saying he's proud of his son reeks of evil. How do you ignore the abuse of females including family? Like you pointed out, that hard drive was a threat to Biden's corrupt election. 💪

Thank you, Dr. Wolf for your comments. I haven't actually taken the time to figure it out but I'm on GETTR and like it. We should never have a social outlet of any kind that is powerful enough to block a president, our commander in chief, and nothing is done! How weak is that? Not one politician strong enough to say NO, TAKE IT DOWN! Everybody be nice while they lie to you and laugh in your face!

I do admire Mike Lindell's dedication and honey badger attitude. He's too nice to the media but he'll eventually wear the right people down. He doesn't give up and neither will we!

How could any born leader in all conscience believe it would be okay to condone a country heavily committing genocide and completely oppressing their citizens! One look at the CCP's past performance should turn one's stomach! Stand up and speak out against our Olympic participants going to China. China needs to be boycotted for all the right reasons!

THANK YOU, WAR ROOM. Thanking Steve, Jason Miller, Jack Posobiec🍑, Dr. Wolf, and Mike Lindell. This hour was full of great information, comradery, truth, and beautiful smiles.
Thank you, Stephen for this hour and all the many hours gone before, for being consistent in the truthful facts, for being a beautiful you. Take care of yourself, you are always in my heart, may our Heavenly Father guide you, watch over you, always be with you and bless you in all ways...

P.S. SUPPORT MY PILLOW with promocode WARROOM, buy "Antifa" by Jack Posobiec, join Jason Millers GETTR and follow Stephen. Please appreciate War Room, its guests, & all those supporting War Room, our 46th President, Donald J Trump, and MAGA! Enjoy your Sunday and thank you! :giggle:
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