War Room Pandemic - Episode 1458 (12/3/2021)

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Active Member
Jan 14, 2021
the show . this moring was BAD.. cut off. from FACCI to PETER.. on TV. what happend it started off with them first before MATT can we get that part of the show ??


Well-known Member
Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM. Good evening, Stephen. Back tonight trying to catch up on a lot I didn't get to see this AM as It froze on me, so I left to get some work done.

I didn't get to hear Matt this morning because it froze while he was on so glad to catch this conversation. McConnell caves and enables the Democrats every time. He's not a Republican, he's a elite globalist covering his own rear. Matt is right when he says McConnell is part of the Uniparty which doesn't give a darn about the citizens of America. "We the people" might interfere with their money-making machine. I also agree that we can't work with the democrats at this point in time. We need to stand for the truth and expose them. How do you compromise on something that is not working? Matt's right, you can't beat the lineup of Stephen's War Room, Jack Posobiec's Human Events and Matt's FireBrand.

I'm sorry but Dr. Wolf is talking so fast in this episode that I can't catch what she's saying. It's my problem because I'm hearing impaired, but I always understand Steve perfectly so I'm a little spoiled. I do understand the general idea of the conversation because of Steve's questions and direction.

Always love to hear from Ben but not going to be able to watch the 2nd hour right now. Glad to hear about what is going on in France concerning the election next year.

Thank you, War Room! Thanking Steve, Matt Gaetz, Peter Navarro, Naomi Wolf, and Benjamin Harnwell. Good information.
Thank you, Stephen for bringing knowledgeable people to your broadcast, for constantly seeking out the correct information, for shining your light brightly, for simply being you, a beautiful soul. Take care of yourself, I love you, may God always shine his light through you, guide you, watch over and bless you always in all ways...

P.S. Purchase Peter Navarro's book "In Trump Time", Support MY PILLOW with promocode WARROOM, follow Matt Gaetz on Firebrand (Rumble), and join GETTR and follow Steve. Thank you! :giggle:

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