War Room Pandemic - Episode 1431 (11/22/2021)

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Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM. Good Evening Stephen. I had a morning full of interruptions, not sure what I've seen, so I'll try this hour.

Thankyou Jack. Many crimes seem to be many of these incidents like running down the people in the parade have a record and have been released on bail. I believe in bail but if our justice system started treating criminals like criminals instead of babysitting them we would have less crime. When they know they can get away with illegal activities they will do them again. Guidelines and laws (that are followed) are necessary in a functioning society and you discipline those who break them. Goes a long way towards correcting the problem. Right now our legal system is simply turning them loose, or not even arresting rioters who cause much harm and damage, so why not do it again. You cannot let people think it's alright to commit a crime!

Like to hear from Dr. Malone. I've been following the marches in Europe against the masks and against the vaccine mandate. Actually, I love to see the people marching for their "God Given Rights". It's horrible when good doctors who really want to help their patients are being shut down by the powers that be. It's tragic that people died who didn't need to. I've followed Governor De Santis on OAN and the leadership he's been displaying. He's working hard for the people of his state.

It's also totally wrong that Trump supporters who've done nothing truly wrong are still being held in jail. In fact, it's outrageous! Every American should be offended by the political court system! These are our people! In my opinion and from what I've been able to ascertain from videos, they were deliberately set up. These patriots have families and Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us... if you can donate to Patriotfreedomproject.com, PLEASE DO!

THANKYOU WAR ROOM. Thanking Steve, Dr. Peter Navarro, Deborah Blake, Dr. Robert Malone, Maria Luise, and Cynthia Hughes. Appreciate all of you giving of your time and knowledge.
Thankyou Stephen, for bringing these important issues to the forefront, for keeping your followers informed, for shining your light on the truth. Please take care of Stephen K Bannon, you're near to my heart, God loves you and walks with you in every way...

P.S. Purchase Peter Navarro's book "In Trump Time", Please donate to Patriotfreedomproject.com, join GETTR and follow Steve, and Support MY PILLOW and Mike Lindell with promocode WARROOM. Thank you! :giggle:
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