War Room Pandemic - Episode 1429 (11/20/2021)

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Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM. Good evening Stephen. Haven't seen this 2nd hour so giving it a shot now. Chaos Under Heaven is a good book, I have it and recommend it.

Steve, you will never be a junior partner to anyone! But I enjoy listening to you and Peter carry on a conversation. Biden might as well bowed down and polished Xi's shoes. In less than a year the Democrat administration has taken a powerful country with a strong economy and diminished it to a non-impact in the world today. In fact, the world is probably laughing at us. Like Steve says, we've become a tributary to China and not a major player.

I like Brian Kennedy's take on that 4 hour meeting and I always like what Frank Gaffney has to say when it comes to China. Trump was making progress with China until he was displaced by a crime family illegally. Gaffney just politely said the Biden family is bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party. BUY MADE IN USA! Do not buy Chinese products. I realize that's a toughie because the other day at the grocery store I could not find one single bottle of hand sanitizer that was not made in China. How about that? Send a virus over here and then make a fortune selling us hand sanitizer and liquid hand soap. Thay have to believe we're all smucks while they laugh all the way to the bank!!!

THANKYOU WAR ROOM! Thanking Steve, Dr. Peter Navarro, Brian Kennedy, and Frank Gaffney. A lot of good information regarding China. A excellent hour worth everyone's time and attention.
Thankyou Stephen! You have a lot on your shoulders right now but you carry it well. You are a beautiful soul. Take care of you, I love you, may God give you strength, guide you, and bless you always in all ways...

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