War Room Pandemic - Episode 1428 (11/20/2021)

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Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM. Good evening Stephen. I started watching this this morning, I did see Sherronna Bishop but sometime along the way my dog had a seizure and I needed to leave and care for him so I'll try to figure out where I was at and finish.

We are under a Marxist communistic rule when the FBI is knocking down the door of women who have done nothing wrong other than have a strong difference of opinion from the party in control. To treat American citizens this way is purely disgusting! Men with guns and battering rams pushing woman and children around. Truly evil! We used to have a America where it was expected that political parties would have differing views, but that's not to be accepted by the Democrat party in our Capitol. They want a total dictatorship with no other party challenging.

THANK YOU WAR ROOM! Thanking Steve for bringing the information in Colorado to the forefront (You won't hear about it on main stream media in Colorado) and shining a bright light on it for everyone to see. What's been happening in Colorado is truly heartbreaking for me. Also thanking Sherronna Bishop, founder of Americas Mom and a beautiful lady, and Dr. Naomi Wolf talking about parent's rights.
Thank You Stephen, for doing the Lord's work "brightly", truthfully, and factually. For simply being what you were always meant to be. Your solid presence and demeanor is reassuring to all of your followers. A very necessary and needed service in our world as it stands. You know are always near to my heart, take care of yourself, God bless you always in all ways...

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