War Room Pandemic - Episode 1427 (11/19/2021)

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Well-known Member
Jan 29, 2021
Portland, Oregon
Here’s the thing. We are born with one personality. Ray kurzweil supposing that multiple personalities are normal is false.

Kurzweil maliciously confuses role play with multiple personalities. It can be healthy to roleplay as a philosophical exercise ala Freaky Friday, what if I were in my Dad’s shoes? The objective being that we realize each of us is a certain inique individual who can relate to other individuals, born a certain sex which cannot be changed (look at Bruce Jenner’s chromosomes, they are all male) Nobody chooses their sex, or skin color, it is chosen for us by God, in effect.

But it is very unhealthy to have multiple personalities. Other ‘personalities’ are not you, they are only the direct result of external forces. They hijack and battle with the authentic, original, natural personality. The Bible speaks of demonic possession… people and objects controlled by other ‘personalities’ which are actually devil spirits, which can take control and ‘come to the front’. And if the other personalities are not a person’s original personality, then they are in fact trespassing, stealing, lying impostors.

It could be this premise upon which Revelations speaks of the beast who is made to speak, an inanimate object speaking.

This is where they are going, with ‘virtual self’, a ghost remnant image of the deceased’s life, preserved data controlled by an interactive program and displayed as a speaking image or hologram. It is entirely abominable. We should be remembered, not blasphemed, because who is to say that thing which represents me would speak for me? No thanks.

All the data collection, face recognition, voice recording, could ostensibly later be used against the living personality of someone who has passed to say ‘drink Cova-Cola’ or Obey Donald Trump… imagine his image telling people to vote Democrat or to kowtow. This is the danger. Programs can be hacked, inanimate and animate objects can be possessed, but only by devil spirits. I can’t read your mind, and neither can the devil, but foolish people give control of themselves away. They need real help.

Scientists have learned to hijack cells with viruses (covid) and to hijack cells with nanotechnology (mRNA vaccine), and the next step is to hijack consciousness.

Add the demonic possession of inanimate objects and you have the image of the beast… a possessed hologram likeness of a dead person (or living) in a leadership position. It’s almost like having a president with Alzheimer’s, but much worse. This is not a game we should be playing, but the spiritually blind seem to be in charge of such developments… or are they aware and nefarious?

Partial Spoiler: Apple TV’s ‘Foundation’ is a marvelous, beautiful, well done series in which a character dies, and is perpetuated as a hologram-projected persona, a fully interactive, communicative and mobile representation of a dead person, which even has an agenda it suggests to others. But is it suggesting, as a ghost program, what the living individual would have suggested? If two copies were made of the individual, would they disagree? Yes, because it is not the same individual anymore.

I’ve gone too long but I needed to rant. Here’s Joebot’s article:


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