War Room Pandemic - Episode 1327 (10/11/2021)

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Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening Stephen. Trying to catch up during my time and this is the only hour I didn't get most of today.

Always love to hear from Rudy and I agree with Maria, Indigenous Day is offensive. I always wanted to visit New York, but now??????? The homicide rate has increased everywhere (it's worse where I live) but it is much worse in all the Democrat run cities and states. Steve is right in that the blacks and Hispanics get hit harder with the violence and loss. Thank you Rudy! You're a great patriot, were a great Mayor, and are a great human being. (I loved to watch all those old Mafia movies. You did a great job Rudy!)

It's hard for me to even comprehend that we have a country where they can even consider passing a bill that kills babies right up to when they are being born. A country that would legalize murder? Judicial Watch obtained documents and emails showing our own FDA requesting fresh baby heads from live babies so the blood was still in them for their research. Let that sink in! From living babies! What kind of evil does a thing like that? How can anyone condone that?? That living baby in the womb had a heartbeat, blood running through it's veins, a living little soul in or out of the womb given to us by our Divine Creator. The fact that the Pope would meet with Pelosi tells a ugly story.

I really feel for Mario Matividad, I don't even know that what is taking place with vaccine mandates is legal in any sense of the word. Does the government have a right to take over your private life and your health? Those who live in LA call and oppose the mandates. LA firefighters have a very serious problem! First responders and our medical personnel have worked their derriere's off during the pandemic and have been shown no appreciation by the powers that be. Of all people, they deserve our gratitude the most. For the government to think so little of them that they would dismiss them over a shot is truly disrespectful and deplorable. We need to truly respect what they do for their communities and we all need to stand against medical dictatorship and unnecessary control. Mario is absolutely right, they will come for every one of us next.

So much to cover. I knew Veteran's suicides were up and we also have youth suicides up 30%. Our government has only loaded more mandates and problems on our military men/women who are trying to serve their county. It is so wrong! You're bound to be depressed when your own government (employer) turns on you!

Always love what that bright mind of Darren manages to dig up. Given everything Darren has brought out (I've read the article in Revolver) it would seem that Rhodes was directing action for the FBI. He didn't seem concerned about them going after him at the time of the so called 'insurrection' and he was in all the films but not arrested like so many innocent people that were simply there to support Trump. Thank you Darren for all the work you've put into January 6.

THANK YOU WAR ROOM! Thanking Steve, Rudy Giuliani, Maria Luisa, Cpt. Mario Matividad, Thomas Saur, and Darren Beattie. A great deal of good information this hour and it's appreciated.
Thank you Stephen for bringing us facts, information, and truth, for continuing to be a beautiful you shining brightly. Love you, you're always near to my heart, take care of yourself, may God always shine his light through you in all ways...

P.S. Support MY PILLOW with promocode WARROOM, order a copy of "In Trump Time" by Peter Navarro, join GETTR and follow Steve on War Room. Thank you! :)
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