War Room Pandemic - Episode 1326 (10/11/2021)

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John Realino

Active Member
Jan 27, 2021
Depopulation! Why does anyone say it’s something other than their pushing to kill people in the world? Why are they saying covid was an accident in a lab,? This is all planned, this oil crisis is planned, theses gas’s shortage that may kill millions, its planned on killing millions ! You can laugh, tell stupid jokes, but this is all planned! It’s not feckless, it’s not pushing emergency food, it’s take these fuckers out of office, and get these farmers working, stop f***ing with Larry fink, stop being so redundant, tell the patriots to stop playing, stop listening to you trying to get ratings, getting your financial support paid, start taking aim, and push farmers to grow, tell farmers to grow, tell truckers to drive! Steve you have a big following , start pushing them to grow!


New Member
Oct 3, 2021
No educated person back then actually thought the earth was flat. They've known the earth's shape since even before the time of Christ. I didn't think both Steve and Rudy could be so gullible to fall for that silly myth, wow...

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