War Room Pandemic - Episode 1312 (10/5/2021)

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Aug 29, 2021
The Leftist vocabulary tags Stake holders as anyone who is even remotely effected by various things.
For example, climate change stakeholders include ISIS which only kills and terrorizes folks because of increased temperatures which Leftists claim are the evidence of “climate change” and they extrapolate from normal temp variations which many meteorologists say are typical ebb and flow over time , to pending end of world heated planet doomsday 9 years left
Or 12 years left whatever.
How about actual stakeholders in the case of schools and educational content , like taxpayers who foot the bill? Mandatory school attendance forces parents to engage in school issues.
Domestic Terrorists? Such a lie. Thank God Senate did their job and didn’t allow Garland to be considered by them for SCOTUS. What a shill for anti American anti Constitutional freedom he is.

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