War Room Pandemic - Episode 1309 (10/4/2021)

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New Member
Oct 4, 2021
Steve - you keep saying you are not an anti-vaxxer - You should be! Why don't you investigate the true numbers? According to many qualified doctors almost 150.000 Americans have DIED after this vax. Steve you need to wake up on this subject!
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New Member
Oct 6, 2021
Yes, agree with fret, with all the facts and numbers and whistleblowers coming out about the Covid vaccine adverse accidents and subsequent death, how could President Trump and you, Steve keep pushing the vaccine? This is mass global genocide by the regime and its in front of everyone's eyes. Also, you do not talk about the Covid hospital protocol of using deadly Remdesivir as first line treatment which is killing people. Covid isn't killing people its the Remdesivir and/or Vancomycin. You should be promoting the safe and effective meds such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. This needs to be discussed on your show in great detail as well. Im reconsidering my support of both you and President Trump. You both need to lead a massive anti-vax campaign and anti-Remdesivir campaign and talk more about the number of people being adversely affected by this "death" shot. Very disappointed in both of you. By the way, I have been a faithful follower of Warroom pandemic since its inception!! Time to take a stand.

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