War Room Pandemic - Episode 1307 (10/2/2021)

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Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening Stephen. I didn't get to watch War Room this AM so Crystal Park checking in..
I do easily understand what Steve Cortes is talking about. I've seen everything I use on a regular basis increase in price and it would stand that the US has a inflation rate that is unreasonable. Your chart is worse than I expected. I understand accounting, expenditures & income, and budgets, but I'm not the brightest bulb in the pack when it comes to bonds and stocks because I've never had a lot of extra money to invest.
I was so proud of Trump's policies and so many people going to work and being solid Americans. We were buying "made in America" and supporting our workers. And in less than a year Biden has trashed the economy! Why is a illegal president still in the White House???
I understand what Steve Cortes is saying but maybe it will drive home the fact that Christmas is not about presents. My greatest moment in Christmas is 'Midnight Mass' which I attend alone. I do not have any close family members left but most people have families they want to buy presents for and most families want a fancy Christmas Dinner, relatives fly in from other locations. Most people decorate and some profusely, all of these things right down to the socks you fill that are hanging on the mantel cost money. I hope the Republicans say NO to ridiculous budget outlays and I hope the average person does not make the mistake of packing the extra expense on their credit card. I've been there when I was young and it just makes the situation worse. Learned to just go without and it worked!

Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ. To bring him into your heart and become one with him in the Holy Eucharist. That does not cost money, you simply give of your time and your love.

I would love to see everyone of us put pressure on the RINO's like Stephen is talking about. He is so right and understands finance and the economy much better than the average person due to his financial background.
THANK YOU WAR ROOM! Thanking Steve, Peter Navarro, and Steve Cortes for a honest assessment of the economy and Biden's policies. They suck!
Thank you Stephen for your brutal honesty today, it's needed for survival. You always are up to the task of bringing us what we truly need to hear. Your light is shining brightly today and you are beautiful. Take care of you, I love you, may God always shine his light through you in all ways...
God bless.......

P.S. Don't forget to buy Peter Navarro's book "In Trump Time" and your towels from MY PILLOW with code/WARROOM and join GETTR! Love the picture on your mantel Stephen, it's near to my heart just as you are...
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