War Room Pandemic - Episode 1250 (9/9/2021)

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Well-known Member
Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening Stephen.

I'm neither for or against vaccines. However, I believe we are each responsible for our own health decisions and for those underage children. We should speak for our children and not the government! Nobody knows how your body reacts to strange chemicals being injected in it better than you. I had a severe reaction to a tetanus shot while most people may not have. If you listen carefully, your body will tell you what it needs and what it doesn't need. (of course I eat hot fudge sundaes & homemade fudge anyway 🥰) You have the ability to go online and look up all available material on the CCP Virus vaccine then make your decision to the best of your ability. We have seen some negative reactions from said injection. This vaccine has had no long range testing so why would you want to vaccinate the little ones who do not catch the virus easily and usually recover rapidly if they do? That aside, because Biden is pushing so hard for all citizens and children to be vaccinated, I question the motivation behind that decision and push. For everyone to have a vaccine passport is the same as Nazi Germany saying "papers please". Like Steve has mentioned, we are a Republic, not a country run by a dictator as in "third world country".

I have noticed shortages at the grocery store but I haven't gone into panic mode. My dogs have... they love canned pumpkin and I haven't been able to get any. Weigh the alternatives and make informed decisions.

THANK YOU WAR ROOM! Thanking Steve, Dr. Naomi Wolf, Aimee Villella, Stephanie Locricchio, Joe Allen, and Joe Reick.
Thank you Stephen for having the ability to explore subjects from all angles (great mind), for your quest for truth, for simply being a beautiful you. I know the current situation weighs heavily on you but please take care of yourself, I love you, may God always shine his light through you and bless you in all ways...
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Senior Member
War Room VIP Member
Jun 15, 2021
Ms wolf...how long can you remain status as democrat?
naomi wolf is the definition of a useful idiot, working tirelessly to get democrats elected then complaining when everything she worked towards comes back to bite her instead of us.
no different from feminists who created the trannie plague then tried to enlist the help of the men they've spent decades abusing when the mentally ill men in dresses attacked them.

John Realino

Active Member
Jan 27, 2021
Cut off the money
Is there a legal Trust fund that taxpayers can have hold our tax payments until the nightmare of Biden is over
The only thing that he must be doing with this mandate, is women infertility ? Or children not mentally capable of becoming Brilliant, maybe something else, because he’s mandating a vaccine that has not been tested for fertility or dangerous for the minds of our youth!

John Realino

Active Member
Jan 27, 2021
Don't call him "president". He is not the "president".
That is what needs to be investigated, which ones of these democrat politicians have been involved in killing people. And these are not true democrats these are mutant nut jobs! Prove it could not be that proven!

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