War Room Pandemic - Episode 1188 (8/19/2021)

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Jun 15, 2021
“help us help us! I swear we’re not moles from the Taliban. We’re a family of 15 brothers all in their mid 20’s. Please put us on your plane to America. Look we have a baby I swear we didn’t kidnap for empathy! Please put us on the first flight to America so we can be reunited with our fellow Afghan family and not murder them and start a wave of terrorist attacks in the United States!”

This is going to be great.

Jean Clink

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Jan 29, 2021
#1188 8-19-2021 Afghan Debacle Unacceptable
Matt Canavan Queensland Senator
14:40 Frank Miele, Heartland Diary, Real Clear Politics. Vax mandates. In 44 states, one can get a medical exemption. Religious exemption - Title 7 Civil RIghts act.
25:00 Wendy Rogers (28:00 Phil Mudd) Audits underway Thomas Paine, "May trouble come in my lifetime so my children can live free."
33:30 Maureen Bannon
36:00 Todd Benson - many of those who helped our effort in Afghanistan also killed American soldiers. Afghanis will come through our southern border.
43:00 Ape Army

President Trump had a team ready to evacuate the civilians in Afghanistan, the Biden Admin got rid of it.
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