War Room Pandemic - Episode 1109 (7/20/2021)

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Well-known Member
Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING STEPHEN! COLORADO HERE TO WELCOME WAR ROOM. I viewed the beginning of this episode but had to leave so will watch the whole episode now. Work done and on 'my time'.

In regard to Alan Duke... Natalie you go girl! You're also doing a good job of clarifying what Natalie was pointing out Steve. Don't let anything slide. All three of you are doing a good job talking to Duke. Raheem's example was heavy but a sincere and excellent one. I wish I had half the smarts than any of you have. Mr. Duke your staff is not independent! We all know that because most of us have been fact checked by your staff more than once! You are not ethical and responsible when you constantly hit on people who have a right to say what they think when it actually can't be proven wrong! Alan talks over everyone and then says he's not partial :rolleyes: He's been very rude to Natalie in not letting her finish her explanations. Steve you've been very fair in letting everyone express their opinion but also in clarifying the overall picture. Great exchange!

Thank you War Room! Thanking Steve, Raheem, Natalie Winters, and Alan Duke.
Thank you Stephen for showcasing the problem of fact checking in a honest way. Thank you for being simply you. I love you, take care of yourself, may you continue to shine brightly in all you do. God bless always in all ways...

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