War Room Pandemic - Episode 1024 (6/15/2021)

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Well-known Member
Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening Stephen.

Not meant to be rude in any way but I've known (and I'm sure others) for months when they started pushing vaccines this passport idea was coming. It's like the Nazi's stopping you and asking for your papers. History repeating itself over and over. Thank you Naomi and welcome Margorie Taylor Greene. President Trump was proud of the vaccine but I'm sure he didn't expect it to be used as a weapon to suppress and track people.

Thank you Stephen! Please keep talking about the play book of the administration. I'm not fond of being a domestic terrorist, it interferes with my schedule. ON TARGET! OUR CURRENT LEADERSHIP IS A EMBARRASSMENT! There's nothing fair about so many conservatives still being held in jail, retaliated against. They are using them as a example and warning, basically saying you cross our line or go against us in any way we will go after you and throw you in jail. YOU BET THE LEFT ARE USERS, you're right MTG. They do not care about people what so ever... I'm quite familiar with users and they use strictly for their purposes regardless of who they hurt in the process. Yes Steve, Marjorie has a good heart and is a asset for the Republican party and we conservatives... thank you Marjorie Taylor Greene!

Raheem, you mean they are upset about parents who care about their children's education? How dare they think they have a right to decide for their own children! How twisted can our world get. Obviously quite a bit given the information Raheem is relaying. Papers Please!

THANK YOU WAR ROOM. Thanking Naomi Wolf, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Raheem, and Matt Braynard. A good hour.
Thank you Stephen for being you, for thinking like an adult (one of us needs to), for simply being a beautiful soul. Always take care of yourself, I love you, may our Heavenly Father watch over you, bless you, and shine his light through you in all ways......
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Gary Lee

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May 31, 2021
The Purge of the military to me is the tipping point. If we have to go to arms to take our country back their purge will help insure they have no defectors.
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