War Room Pandemic - Episode 1009 (6/9/2021)

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Active Member
Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening Stephen. (Sorry, I've been very busy today)
I loved both of these mothers stepping forward to defend their children's education. Parents must stand up and expose the CRT agenda and get it out of our schools. Love the parents who are standing up for their child. The child abuse of our children needs to stop! I had a mama bear in my driveway yesterday and lord help anyone who interferes with her cubs! A excellent example of family.

Of course they love Trump along the border. Besides the economic situation, they've been plagued with problems caused by illegals. I'm not even going to list all the problems because Steve has talked about them on his program. The Cartels have no ethics when it comes to what they want.

Stephen, Pence and our politicians didn't want any trouble and that's why Biden is in the White House!
And Steve Cortes is on target... how evil can you be to push someone in drag (we're supposed to trust librarians) on very young children. Our tax dollars are contributing to the destruction of our own children! Each child is born male or female (scientifically proven) in the image of God as our Divine Creator intended and is a unique, precious individual unto himself/herself. To try and destroy the values family was built on is truly evil and very sick!

Kamala doesn't even talk like she knows what the Biden administration is doing. I've been viewing a lot of her statements on TV talking about the border and immigration, and she is so inept it's hard to believe someone can be that empty headed! A dummy would know she is lying! She's scary because she's at the top level of our government!

THANK YOU WAR ROOM FOR A GREAT HOUR! Thanking Steve, Raheem and Steve Cortes.
Thank you Stephen for lighting up the truth, for being you. Please take care of yourself, I love you, may our Heavenly Father wrap his arms around you and keep you safe, bless you in all you do.........


Well-known Member
Feb 13, 2021
alburquerque nm
It's scary 😨 to see that people still don't see the big picture! Why would Harris or Biden do anything right they are trying to destroy America not build it up. All the conservative talk shows and fox news still wondering why Biden isn't doing what the American people want. " wake up this is not a normal situation and until we start talking like what it is then we're not going anywhere. I'm tired of seeing people wonder why Biden isn't doing the American peopkes will. We talk as if their just making stupid decisions. Doesn't anyone get it, our government, our white house , our whole country is being hijacked

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