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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019
We have received a lot of interest in members and visitors wanting to donate to War Room causes and support our operation. Thanks!

Now you can donate $1, $5 or whatever you want to help support our servers, bandwidth, our awesome Live Chat system and most importantly Patriots and causes that appear on the show. People are just tired of giving money to the GOP and politicians!

Members who donate will get upgraded to a "War Room VIP Member"

- This will give you a special title under your username
- This will allow you to send Private Messages to other members
- Once complete, you will gain access to a Private VIP Member section of the Forum

Check out a sample "real" VIP Member here: https://www.warroomforum.com/members/debfitch.20608/


Direct donate link: CLICK HERE
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Donations pay for increased server capacity, Live Chat and patriots/causes that appear on the show.

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