War Room Battleground - Episode 50 (5/13/2022)

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Feb 16, 2021
Good evening, War Room. Good evening, Stephen. I tried to find your afternoon episodes last night but couldn't find them so taking advantage of this Battleground episode being posted.

I've just been quietly listening to the candidates and to yours Steve and Boris's perspective on the primary races. It's been an interesting conversation. Listening to the candidates it's become very clear to me that whether we want it or not, we cannot be bipartisan. The MAGA Republican viewpoint and the Democrat viewpoint are in two different worlds. There is very little there to compromise on...

Thank you, Battleground. Thanking Steve, Royce White, Jim Bognet, Boris Epshteyn, and Blake Masters. I liked listening to all of you and always learn something I didn't know. When it comes to less money, I have had a candidate come to my door and sit and talk to me and the personal impact has much more meaning that 80 big money commercials. That person took the time to recognize and talk to the people in her area and they know it.
Thank you, Stephen for your constant flow of information to the War Room posse, for your big push in supporting America first candidates, for trying to bring the best forward. You've been doing a beautiful job of representing conservatives and proving we are a lot more open minded than liberals. Take care of Stephen K Bannon, love you, may you always walk in God's light.......

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