Want Medical Freedom? Submit A Public Comment Against Government And Its Mandates

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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
this won't change anything, run for office, any office, no matter how small,,,only way forward is all of us going where we need to go and doing what need to be done.

the group in there now could care less about your injuries, if they did they would have stopped vaxxing months ago....they are all bought off in this country.

the only way forward is to replace all these legislatures and most governors as well.


Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Nevada, near Carson City
only way forward is all of us going where we need to go and doing what need to be done.
Yes, but flooding the system is a form of protest.
So is getting visible and noticed - in person, on the phone, on-line, by mail, telegram, or pony express
Causing trouble for those being a-holes with their restrictions will help.
But, yes, doing what you need to do is also fighting back. I stopped shopping where required to submit to a mask. I never stopped doing or stayed in one place. Movement is freedom - going about your life is fundamental
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Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021
American midwest
I rarely wore a mask. Even on an airplane, I would slip it off my face and pretend I was sleeping. I went through the Atlanta airport without a mask. But you know, I was the only one, out of all those people. All those people. I can't do it alone, kids.

I've shown you the list of things I've done. I can't persuade anyone of anything. I can't lead their lives for them.
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