TRUE NORTH FOR BOOMERS.....see that no man deceive you

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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021

If you are a boomer ask yourself this question…did you do what you wanted in youth?

Many would answer yes, pretty much. We ignored our parents, most not all, we got onto experimentation with drugs we had no idea about, we liked the idea of “free love” free sex, basically sex, drugs and rock and roll.

And then…some at least, came back to earth and remembered there might be a God.

BOY, were you ever a scout??? Did you ever learn what true north was and how to find it??
Boy scouts taught this, not sure if the Girl Scouts did or not…
It involves something called declination….a funny way of saying there are two norths, one is true north, and one is magnetic north…magnetic wants to pull you off of true north into a declination.

What do those two concepts have to do with each other?

Just this….when I was a child I thought as a child….then I learned what a decline was.

I learned that magnatism, spiritism, hypnotism, mesmeriztion have in common the decline…all to pull one off true north, and of of and away from the Living God and His precepts. Our media and some preachers count on us not knowing this.

When I grew up, I realized that “do what thou wilt” (as Crowley and others taught it) was exactly what all the rockers, beatles, etc etc,, all the alter-religions, all the substances abuses were about….they were to pull us away from our God, who is True NORTH, in the spirit realm, and trying to pull us into a decline….a declination. We need to repent of having followed satan then, if we did. We need to recognize the methods…right now the method du jour is to send false patriots amongst us.

Out in the middle of the ocean, you are directed to go to a specific island.
If your directions are even ONE degree off, on that compass, you will miss the island entirely. Yes?

Same here….and this was Trumps big mistake. He trusted before verifying of what spirit folks really were.

If folks want to figure this out for the sake of good representatives, we need to start asking the right questions.

Last weekend, we shook hands with the people running for office.

“where do you go to church, oh really, what do you like about it, where again?

“whom are you taking money from”

Watch em squirm on that one.

Those 2 questions will tell us whether or not to even consider them.

We have plans to go, and observe how they worship, in their own churches…

We intend to ask to see the books of the contributions as they come in.

If a candidate is not taking big corp money, and does love God, then fine, if they don’t, we need to know that….we already have a house and senate full oof phonies and we don’t need more.

If a “doctor” has ties to big gov, and devil clubs, ignore him…he’ll give just enough truth so you’ll trust him…and then….

Reminds me of two guys who came thru way back….one to expose masons, one to expose Jesuits….turns out these guys were still in the clubs they were exposing…get it?


Senior Member
War Room VIP Member
Jun 15, 2021
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