The FBI's Own Committee of Special Agents Had Complaints of FBI's Politicization Redacted in Report

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olde reb

Active Member
Jul 10, 2021
As is being proven every day, if you do not attack the funding of corrupt bureaucrats, civil disturbances, and Great Reset/globalism/war mongering, new programs and corrupt bureaucrats will replace exposed ones.

The civil chaos of the USA government/society, and the Rothschild Great Reset oppression, are submitted to be funded by two methods of questioned legality.

First: An Income tax on Sovereign Citizens is not consistent with Constitutional authorization nor does statutory authorization for such a tax exist. Ref. THE INCOME TAX SCAM & 87,000 ARMED IRS AGENTS |

Second: The Federal Reserve system covertly transfers ‘profit’ derived from auctions of Treasury securities to unknown shareholders. All profit of the Rothschild’s Fed legally belongs to the government. The relevant accounts have never been audited. Ref. THIS IS OUR BANKING SYSTEM

Both methods involve financiers – BEYOND GOVERNMENT – who are the chief beneficiaries.

If this nefarious funding of corrupt politicians and Great Reset is not exposed, all far-right legislation will be futile.

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