'The CCP Would Have Collapsed': How George H.W. Bush Kept Communist China Alive

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Jan 1, 2021
I listened to this show twice, mb 3 times. The bit about GHWB just made me sick. I wrote a thesis on China in 1983. I was in Ks. China's intentions were bloody OBVIOUS.
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Feb 7, 2021
The bit about GHWB just made me sick.

Yep, sad to me. He was the last GOP I voted for until Trump 2020.
The aftermath of the Cold War is when all turned sour.
They, the DC crowd, could have ended our continual warfare, but did not - it just kept going. They 'had' to 'play' like all the other Old-World Empires by meddling in places around the World.
For what ? Now they encourage the CCP to take over all the while helping to pay for it.
World-Wide communism ?
What the heck was the Cold War against the Soviets for ?
Not on my watch.
Not on my dime.

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