Texas Ranchers Who Experienced Brutal IRS Audit Issue DIRE WARNING TO MIDDLE-CLASS AMERICANS 🔥😡🔥

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Lady Patriot

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Dec 30, 2020

Texas Ranchers Who Experienced Brutal IRS Audit Issue Dire Warning 🔥😡🔥

to Middle-Class Americans

What will the 87,000 new Internal Revenue Service agents that the Democrats’ new tax and spend bill aims to hire mean for you? Just ask David and Deborah Hajda.

The Hajdas own the Raising 5 Cattle Company in Thorndale, Texas. Thirteen years ago, the IRS audited them thanks to, they say, an engine rebuild on one of their tractors.

Appearing on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday, they had a five-word message to anyone who doesn’t take the prospect of an IRS audit seriously: “They want to get you.”

The couple appeared on the same day that President Joe Biden signed the cynically misnomered “Inflation Reduction Act” into law.

In addition to spending gobs on the Democrats’ climate agenda and attempting to lower health care costs the liberal way for the zillionth time, the bill seeks to raise revenue by increasing taxes — and by squeezing more tax money out of those whose tax rates will remain the same.

The most controversial component of the program, arguably, is stepping up IRS enforcement, with 87,000 new agents being added to the force. This stepped-up enforcement, we were told, would be affecting big corporations and those making over $400,000 — although in practice, that’s never how it works.

Take the Hajdas’ case. The couple initially went viral after sharing their story on their company’s Facebook page.

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