Teacher Exposed Unleashing Racist Rant Against Mexican LA County Deputy

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019

How much do you want to bet she calls herself "anti-racist"?

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Well-known Member
Feb 14, 2021
shouldnt be a teacher anymore no room for this lying rude racist biggity in any part of our education system- the call to remove her should already be underway

police in fact nobody should not have to tolerate this BS anymore- should be a section on her ticket pointing out her rudeness and her penalty-should be 3xs greater for the disrespect she shows

no more antiroll playing - charge the hate mongering as it is - woke is right -
systemic racism is being exhibited in America - but not the direction of the finger pointing - they only need to look in a mirror - perpetuated by the few-to diminish the many - this really not about race at all - to me its trying to right all wrongs peeps committed -trying to manipulate evil doings as being rightest
blame the politicians for the allowing this to become an issue-only reason -to distract from the real problems in America - if BLM/Antifa really cared about justice - they would really be calling for eliminating the double standard in justice
but again thats not what their paid for-their funded not to work -but to administer as much anarchy as they can


New Member
Feb 11, 2021
My children are Mexican Americans how would she respond to them. They are brave Americans and their dad is an officer of the law. Sad -

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