Posobiec on Kathy Barnette and the US Senate Race in PA

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Jun 15, 2021
stop supporting kathy barnette in the PA senate primary. she is the worst possible pick and would get slaughtered in the suburbs:
1. she wanted to build a statue of president f***ing obama in 2020 and believes in the debunked anti-white 1619 project by nikole hannah-jones, a writer from the new york times (this means she believes the united states was founded by slaves in 1619)

2. she was (and still is) a radical BLM supporter who constantly attacked white people

3. she claimed that russia is the big bad and trump was somehow influenced by them

4. she supports amnesty for illegal aliens already in the country

5. she believes that marriage licenses are racist

6. she was endorsed by club for growth (huge red flag) and the group has announced they will spend millions on her campaign

7. she lost to a democrat by 20 points in 2020 (if she can't win a simple district race, how can she hope to win the entire state?)
8. in that 2020 race, kathy barnette showed her true colors with statements like these (all on video):
>systemic racism is very important to me
>i wish i was in minneapolis protesting against [derek chauvin] ... lock-arm and ready to have my voice heard
>on every street corner there is a policeman waiting to shoot a black man
9. she attacked sean parnell (MAGA candidate who dropped out) and implied that he beat and assaulted women

once again, trump is completely and totally vindicated. dr. oz is the only candidate who will beat fetterman and win in november


Jun 23, 2021
I would rather have the Democrat win than another GD RINO. Like Steve says... we could win as many as a hundred seats this November. The ONLY way we are going to be subverted in the coming years is if a bunch of those seats are taken by RINOs... who are guaranteed to screw us over when it is important. We could hold Congress for the next hundred years, and get the country straightened-out and return to prosperity. But NOT if we get Republicans elected who do NOTHING, like the RINOs currently in Congress have done for the past decade. Or even worse, if the Congressional slate of GOP Representatives and Senators is made up of Trump haters, loyal to McConnell and McCarthy. We'd frankly be better-off having the Dems ruin the country to the point where there was a revolution.

So NO to Oz.. under any and all circumstances. I know Trump, Grenell and Epshteyn are all calling for his support, but if I lived in PA and he was the GOP candidate.... I'd not vote at all before I'd vote for Oz. NO MORE RINOS. PERIOD!!!!!

Sorry brother, but you cannot force me to vote.... and I absolutely 100% guarantee you I will not if the GOP candidate in question is a known RINO like Oz. And if you think I'm alone in that, you haven't been paying attention.


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Jun 15, 2021
Trump endorsing Oz makes me wonder about his mental capacity.
Or is it as Stew Peters etc .claim that Trump is for sale =- endorsement for 100k

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