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Aubrey James

Well-known Member
Aug 14, 2021
On the other hand, Satan/Devil is supposed being somehow as the King of the Material World's Deceivers (the opposite of the honest sincere loving humans).
Kerim. “So how could the world's king (i.e. Lucifer) of those who are created to be materialist only, exist as a spirit while its followers are strictly materialist?”

I would say the materialist followers of the devil forces are rarely religious. A modern monster, Pol Pot did everything he could to kill every Buddhist in Cambodia. The religion was far stronger than he was. See:

And that seems to be the theme of the worst killers who find their way to power. Now in the Muslim world you find the other side of the coin, and it is common to discover leaders who by all accounts say they believe they are ‘good’ despite a lust to kill nonbelievers. So it comes down to deciding whether the death of those who believe differently is an act of Satan or an act of Allah. A very long and often debated question indeed.

All religions in the end are guidelines for behavior (for the passage of the materialized spirit for a duration in a corporal encasement) that lay down yes/no principles (as in commandments). The adherent will embrace the guidelines at a rate proportional to their willingness to submit. There are philosophies that wrap around the inner cores of all religions --that I am aware of. A person can spend a lifetime and never totally become as one with all the philosophies of the more sprawling religions (i.e. Hinduism). Most believers settle for a few of them and get on with their life.

I consider it a blunted life to adhere to the religion one is born into (if any) without peeking beyond the walls at other schools of thought. If one then returns to the birth religion, it makes for a better adherent for having challenged the first stamp on their young spirit. For those who end up outside all religion and wander into atheism, they only have my pity.

At any rate, I will further salute your 2nd post, which begins:

On the other hand, training powerless kids...”

This post, and it’s theme is one you have held to (in various well reasoned posts) and I have come to appreciate as correct. It took awhile for me to let the seeds you planted in my consciousness mature a little. Now I get it. ..."not to know the truth behind the 'Modern Terrorism' or pretend not knowing it in the least.” The reader has to put it together themselves. That is the message, because a forum is not a bookstore for chapters from War and Peace.

I cannot elucidate the chase for a rational life better than you, nor is there need to. What a giant bizarre kaleidoscope this moment in time has become. Kerim, knowing you are here on this planet is a very good thought indeed. Auf wiedersehen for now.
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