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Well-known Member
Feb 14, 2021
question is was the mistake - the actual numbers or the fact Epoch discovered so quickly
By Nicholas Sherman

Arecent spike in post-COVID-19 vaccination death reports is not accurate, and was caused by mistake, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The CDC said Friday that a passive reporting system it runs with the Food and Drug Administration had received 12,313 death reports among people who took the vaccine, a sharp increase from previous reports that counted the number at 6,079, according to The Epoch Times.
"It is double what it was yesterday, and so it definitely is incorrect," a CDC spokeswoman told the Times. “We checked our stats internally, and it’s only 6,000. So someone doing an update misrepresented that or made a mistake, in other words."
The spokeswoman said the group caught the mistake Wednesday morning, and added that the error is "being worked out." She did not say when the error would be fixed or what caused the sudden false reports.

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Senior Member
Feb 19, 2021
🤔odd that she/they would ‘assume’ anyone seriously believes their numbers😡!!! How many recorded numbers, in how many different systems??? 😩Please woman, hush!!! Don’t you understand by now we don’t trust your number count, regardless of which machine you decide to use to get them from!!! “Capiche”!!!

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