Lot of Talk About Biden Giving Away Trillions as "Global Warming Reparations"

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Jun 23, 2021
I'm hearing a lot of chatter on various media that Biden has committed to the US paying billions... maybe even trillions.... in reparations for climate change to any number of countries, including China. Before anyone gets too excited about that, he can commit to it all he wants. Those payments would be in accordance with agreements made by Biden at the UN's COP27 summit in Egypt. The problem is, agreeing to pay other nations in an accord with a foreign entity is, in fact, a TREATY under lawy, which therefore requires 2/3 of the Senate's approval to happen. And even if the Senate did approve it, an appropriation would have to be approved by the House. The Chief Executive cannot just decide to pay US taxpayer money to anyone without Congressional approval. The money HAS to be allocated. Bill Clinton tried it with the Tokyo Accords... and it went nowhere. And Biden has been told by the courts he can't just decide to pay student loans. The Money HAS to be allocated by Congress. This is going, like much of what Biden does, to end up being much ado about nothing.

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