Kassam: 'I'm Just Stunned McCarthy is That Stupid'

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Active Member
Feb 22, 2021

Raheem Kassam gives his take on McCarthy rooming with Luntz: “I’m just stunned McCarthy is that stupid.”
All RINOS have a fetish that they can be more attractive to rank and file Dems than the usual assortment of rabid leftists, therefore they play footsie (or maybe house) with Dem Operatives in the febble hope of overcoming the iron fist of the fascist Left. News flash - haint happnin bro'.


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Feb 11, 2021
Houston, TX
Not stupid, just confident that the deplorables have no possibility of coming back.
Because they think Americans are like chinese (who will wipe out their own history, forget the past& comply to new rules anytime a new regime says they should). Theyre compliant, beating them is synonymous with conquering them forever, you only have to beat them once to rule them.
Americans are more like Ukraine (who keep saying "we're russian" even 40 years later- and they mean that). Napolean, Alexander& Hitler all tried conquering those people but they couldnt do it. They have long memories and so do we; the longer we are suppressed within a communist state the more difficult it becomes to keep us contained that way.


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Feb 6, 2021
It helps to call his office and tell him enough of the uniparty bullshit. I did. What Romney just went through should be a wake up call to other uniparty members. There’s not enough of that happening. Tell me Romney didn’t get a wake up call. He knows troubles ahead for any re-election bid.
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