Jam For Freedom Rallies Against Forced Vaccines

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Senior Member
Jan 10, 2021
.....history books 100 years from now............'and the people of AMERICA witnessed what was happening in AUSTRALIA....and fought.....LIKE HELL.....for AMERICA.....to.....remain FREE and thriving.........she remained.....FREE and THRIVING...'
...my written word to Gods ear....!!!!!!!!
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New Member
Mar 18, 2021
Why not vac hesitancy? Even deplorable know that about the same number of people get reinfected with variants after having COVID19 as have been fully vaccinated. Also everyone should know about the use of aborted fetal tissue as a basis for religious objection. Side effects are of course also a concern. All of this should be openly discussed for a long term vaccine strategy. My bet is on JP2MRI (see Rumble screen shot below).


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