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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
is it just me?

or does anyone else find this an interesting day to bring out all the wagiing tails on the laptop.

after all, why shouldn't we focus on two creepy men/grifters

rather than on a stellar film which just put ALL INFORMATION FIRMLY AND FINALLY INTO A ABSORBALE FORM for the slower amongst us.

I loved one sign holder...he said covid isn't a home viron test, its an IQ test...

well, why would we not focus on mass genocide...

oh wait, hunters shenanigans are MORE important than billions of people with now clogged arteries...

yes, lets focus on sniffy JOE and crew,

when we should be getting going on screening everyone vaxxed, and helping dissolve those amalyoids etc before they all die...

yeah, perfect timing,

to distract us from something infinitely more important.

this has to be the biggest LIE, and the biggest psyop ever perpetrated on humanity.

One that is killing a few more thousand every day....

and that, is now on a side burner why we peer into the salacious world of a crack smoking pervert.

forgive me, buts its just a TAD too well timed to not be part of the silencing tactics

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