How to pronounce Nevada, Mr. Bannon

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Theotis Gomulka

New Member
Mar 4, 2021
DEE-troit ~ long E with emphasis on first syllable, only pronounced that way in Detroit, Flint, black folk and car guys (Motor City)

DE- troit ~ long E with emphasis on second syllable, is how the rest of the state pronounces it. Michigander - most people everywhere else in the state use this. We’re not crazy about it either but it’s a nice play on Canadian geese because we are on their migratory path!

Duh - troit~ emphasis on second syllable. Grosse Pointers, snobby but not usually effete lol
Right!… pretty much.
Good point about us motorheads. DEE-troit… as in DEE-troit Iron, DEE-troit Muscle, etc.
I would only differ in that:
A whole lotta folks in the deep south and other country folk - especially TRUCKERS - say DEE-troit. This is especially so when we talk Diesel engines.
Oh. Wait. There is another variant that is pretty all right in my book: Dee-TROY-ut… I’ll buy that, since it comes from (a) Curly (“I had a goyul in Dee-TROY-ut”… sumthin like that…), (b) Canadians, eh, and most prominently Don Cherry, (c) People from Buffalo, who can’t be all bad.
As for ganders, gooses, etc. of the Michy variety or otherwise, I got no use for em, since they nothing but s*** producers and I always gotta watch my step. I insist on being addressed as a “Michigan Person”, unless someone is addressing me as “Your Excellency”, which is my preferred pronoun…. um… rather… adjective/pronoun...?

Silky River

Active Member
Feb 17, 2021
Right, oi pronounced like oy. Was going to say motorheads but don’t know if out-of-state people know what that means. I use Michigan person and Michigander. Watching migration is fun but not when geese hang around. Good luck with ‘your excellency’ title lol
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Active Member
Feb 17, 2021
Um. I think you mean mnemonic?… or perhaps pneumatic… no... wait. That wouldn’t make sense.
But while we’re on the subject, please don’t nobody be callin my city Duh-TROIT like all the effete snobs around here! It’s DEE-troit… as in “She’s runnin like a DEE-troit Diesel.”
… and don’t be callin me a frickin “Michigander” like our Governor Mother-May-I do, OK?
What's the correct term for someone from Detroit or elsewhere in Michigan?
Some towns present more of a challenge - like Newport Newsians or Norfolkers.
Detroitians? Detroitonians? Michigooners?

Susan M

Well-known Member
Feb 1, 2021
We are the WARROOM
We come from
Dee-troyt down to Yuston
New Yawk to La
Nawfork to Jawja
and a pitstop in Daytona y'all
Hav-eye-a to Bawston
Chicaw-go to Nawlins
Then take us down to Tooson
And we'll get the job done
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Active Member
Feb 14, 2021
Nevada, the Silver State, whose motto is “Battle Born,” is not pronounced “Nev-ah-da,” Mr. Bannon. That is the blue belly Yankee pronunciation.

You follow interviews with officials and/or residents of Nevada that give the proper pronunciation and yet you insist on the pretentious “ah” version that is usually perpetrated by easterners.

This is not an issue of pedantry but rather an issue of respect (and/or disrespect).

When you are aware of the correct attribution of a person or entity and still refuse to adopt it, that is disrespectful.

Nevada deserves better from you.
Who cares!


New Member
Jun 9, 2021
From Nevada here....the Sagebrush state, where 85% of the state's land is Federal property. Plenty of secrets & corruption here. Nye County is a 2A Sanctuary....yippie..!! Please....a forensic election audit here. Help us turn Red & and get rid of our Marxist Gov. Shitsolack. Additionally, come visit Pahrump, pronounced Prump,....Windy hot dust & the brothels R a must..!! Half way between Vegas & Death Valley. Spring Mt. Motorsports Ranch. Open Carry & only 3 traffic signals. Our small businesses could use Ur patriotic patronage. Keeping America First..!
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