Flag Officers 4 America Citizen's Action Plan For YOU!

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Timothy Bair

Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021
Flag Officers 4 America Citizen's Action Plan For YOU‼️



Highlights include:​

Education: The Citizen’s Action Plan starts with taking back control over our children’s education. Parents and citizens control their schools, not administrators, boards, or unions. Critical race theory and Project 1619 must not be taught in our schools.

Local Politics: Elect officials from county commissioners to mayors who support traditional values, including law enforcement. Insist that the Pledge of Allegiance open all public meetings. Volunteer as a poll worker/watcher.

Vote to have your county, town, city become sanctuary places for 1st and 2nd amendment rights to re-sist any effort from the national level to restrict your freedom of speech, religion, assembly and to keep and bear arms.

Law Enforcement: Elect and support sheriffs and DAs who will enforce the rule of law equally. Tell your local law enforcement officials police department you appreciate their dedicated service.

The Citizen’s Action Plan gives Americans some ideas about what they can do locally to counter the Socialist/Marxist movement against our Constitutional Republic. The bottom line for citizens is to get involved now, the voice of “We the People” must be heard. Do not wait until 2022.


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