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Well-known Member
Oct 31, 2021
Phillpe Agillier, has laid out the information on how the shadow government operates. He estimates that they lift 65% off the payments made to the IRS, by way of politicians who fund NGO's (and the like) that have no fuduciary obligations. The shadow government includes most well known, and unkown lifers, present and past - DC elected and non elected officials, and their minions in this country and across the globe. The Ukraine is the head of the snake.


Senior Member
Jan 28, 2021
I understand it is the NGO's running & pulling off all the moves to keep a steady flow into the U.S. as far down at the Darien Gap. And they are responsible for coordinating the shuffling of illegals throughout the U.S. They have set up the camps, the purchase of buildings for housing, and even the clear-cutting of land in TX that are being SOLD to illegals.

I wish there would be a wake-up call to Americans, but NO. It is not happening. Too many people getting wealthy from the INVASIONS.

Except us, of course!
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Senior Member
Jan 28, 2021
Well, they pulled it off.

Our irresponsible "leaders" have done the deed.

With their vote to give themselves EACH $10,000 a MONTH for personal security & now getting a spend-a-thon through, putting an IRS Army in place to make sure American taxpayers will continue to financially support the whole world and topped with the medical emergency Biden just called, "We the People" are enslaved as the most gullible creatures on earth.

When Biden has given all the other countries weapons of protection & taken away ours we will be fully controlled.

Was this any way to run a country?

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