Board Of Health Officials Attempting To Get Police Powers

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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
I can attest to the very very conservative nature of oregon, except in 2 cities.

the trouble is, they have the populace, and the vote by mail is atrocious, and controled entirely by the left...they steal it every time.

last year we did a recall of Gov. Kate Brown, and got several thousand more signatured than needed...

and the sec. of state counted unsupervised and told us we didn't have enough legit sigs.

BUll sheet.....we stood at those tables we watched the folks voting, and spoke to many...

these were NOT cheaters...the cheaters were the gov and her sec.....they care not who votes, its who counts the votes...they said it, they meant it

they keep saying the west coast is is NOT blue, it is CCP RED....

that's the problem.....we could really use some warriors out here.....its mostly all gray/blue hairs at the meetings.

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