Biden's Approval Crashes Among Black and Hispanics

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Well-known Member
Feb 15, 2021
Another pollyanna who thinks that the Republicans are going to win back the House and Senate. Um, do you not realize that the cheaters will continue to cheat? Given a state with 6 million legal voters, if the criminal party candidate has 2.5 million votes and the Republican candidate has 3.5 million votes (meaning 100% voter participation), the criminals will magically add 1.05 million votes for their candidate and tell you that the election was 100% legitimate. And the fake news, suppression media will be all on board with that. And the SoS, governor, and AG will do everything possible to stop any transparency - a.k.a. forensic audits. That's over 7 million votes when only 6 million are possible. I need not tell you how we fix this.

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